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2017-09-04 11:16:38

Tai Node Flea Market

The signature of a local community

One of the most must-visit places you have to go to is the Tai Node Flea Market. It’s the place where you can enjoy good tasty local food. There are so many kinds of food, fruits and local products. The first menu that I tried was sticky rice mixed with bean. Its taste was a little sweet, but the smell was like a nice flower. Yummy!   

The roast chicken is great. It’s made from soft, tender chicken with a sauce made from a local herb. It’s not spicy and is easy to eat.  

Okay now we come to the king of menus of Thailand, “Phat Thai”. The noodle is soft and sticky and fresh tamarind sauce is used to make the flavour to be very good. It’s also very yummy!

Look at this. Wowww! Cupping the coffee with the jar. Wow amazing! When you usually go to a coffee shop, you will see an espresso machine, but this place does not have a machine. They use an oven that is around 100 years old to boil the water and cup the coffee with soft silk and a bottle. It’s impressive. You will enjoy the strong taste of the coffee because it’s Robusta coffee that is the favourite in the South of Thailand together with good old country music. It’s so much fun and friendly.  After finishing the coffee, I enjoyed spending time walking around looking at the stuff that the people were selling. Roasted banana with coconut milk sauce: it’s sticky, sweet and really fabulous. Tai Node Flea market is open every Sunday morning. This is a place where you can have a happy moment.  

Krachut by Varni

It’s not only the fashion, but passion.

One of the famous worldwide local products is Krachut by Varni. I have heard from various media about the unique designs and variety of products. This place is like a hidden gem in Phatthalung, but there is a lot of value for coming here.  

There is a showroom on the left where you can ask the staff to see the products. It has so many products with beautiful designs including bags, wallets, bins, etc. You can try and touch everything. The design looks modern that allows you to wear it anytime and put it anywhere in your house.

   If you are someone who is addicted to natural products, then this is your answer. Because Krachut by Varni products are made by a natural process, this has made Krachut by Varni receive an award from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for the good eco-friendly processes.  

With the unique resources and creative designs that look modern and international, Krachut by Varni has a great reputation around the world for its good quality.

Thale Noi Waterfowl Park

Where you can enjoy your life  

We can almost imagine spending our holiday at the sea, on a mountain or in a cozy forest, but Thale Noi Waterfowl Park will give you a beautiful imaginative holiday.  Two hours along the road from Hat Yai to Thale Noi doesn’t make you feel bored, as you can enjoy the romantic scene of the trees alongside the road that makes you feel peaceful and refreshed.

Here is the main thing to make you enjoy this park. Get a boat and chase the sunlight, but to be honest, the best time to enjoy this lake is in the early morning because the sunshine of the morning will wake up the water lilies to celebrate the new day. You will be amazed by the scene of the sunrise. It’s such a beautiful moment with the romantic scene of the pink blooming water lilies.

First of all, make sure you are wearing a life jacket, and check your phone is waterproof.  Keep your eyes wide open because in the next 5 minutes you will see one hundred thousand blooming water lilies. All around you is pink, and this is a romantic scene that you should not miss.  Make friends with the birds. Unless there are plenty of beautiful pink water lilies, you will be excited with the variety of birds that come out to celebrate the new day looking for food. Thale Noi Waterfowl Park is one of the most abundant ecosystems of Thailand. A lot of birds will come to stay here to live. Sometimes, they will fly around you; sometimes they will walk beside you. You will never get this close ever before.

Thale Noi is one of the wonderful parks that will make you have a great experience. There are rich ecosystems where you can touch nature and have amazing moments. It should be one of the items on your bucket list of the best places to visit when you come to Thailand.  

Don’t miss Khanom Wan Pa Kee  

One of the best local Thai desserts is Khanom Wan Pa Kee, which is made from local fresh ingredients. You will enjoy the real natural taste of this dessert. One of the favourite menus that you shouldn’t miss is Khao Niao Peak that uses real natural coconut milk. The tasty flavour is the best.

Coconut Shell by Uncle Pluem

Little cute dolls saying “Hi” and smiling at you are cute and friendly. These were made from a waste product from the coconut, which is the coconut shell. We have no idea how to use the coconut shell, but this man Uncle Pluem did.    

There are many decorative designs for household items like dishes, bowls, spoons, forks, jars, and so on that were made from a coconut shell.  

If you want to decorate your house in the Bali style, or when you return home, if you want to present your experience about Thailand to your friends or neighbours, you can arrange a party using these coconut shell products.

Not only houseware, but also women’s accessories as well. If you are looking to buy souvenirs for your family and friends, this place will spark your idea on how you miss them.  Imagine if you want to impress someone, it’s a good idea that you the spell their name on a ring or just even with the capital letter of their name.  

This place lets you explore for ideas about decoration, so with a variety of designs, you can enjoy the moment of imagining your new way of life.

“ Mew ”

“ mew ”