Sakon Nakhon

2017-09-04 11:59:33

Sakon Nakhon is located in the northeast region of Thailand and enriched by natural fabric. There are many kinds of local travel experiences that allow you to learn by doing. Workshops are distributed everywhere to enhance your knowledge and life experiences. There are places that you can not only visit, but allow you to join the workshop activities. These are workshops that you can only find in Thailand.

Today we are going to show you some of the interesting activities at Sakon Nakhon province that will make your visit more memorable.

Ban Ta Rae located around 20 kilometres from Sakon Nakhon city is very famous as the village that has the largest number of people in Thailand respecting Christianity. This community is more than 100 years old.

It is also a well-known village for making paper stars to celebrate Christmas in Thailand. On 25 December of each year, this community will arrange the Christmas Star Festival with the “Christmas Star Parade” at Amphoe Mueang. The star is the symbol that Jesus Christ has descended to the human world.  The parade is decorated with a large star embellished with beautiful colourful lights that convey the nativity story. Every year, there will be about 200 vehicles participating and the local people will decorate their houses beautifully with star-shaped lanterns and pretty colourful paper. From that, it has become a celebration of Christians with choral singing, a carol singing competition, and sales of local products and entertainment all night long.      

The star also celebrates the fact that this village of Christians have lived here for a hundred years and still preserve their culture.  The town has been planned like a checkerboard similar to a city in a Western country. Besides this, there are numerous houses in the French architectural style beautifully lining both sides of the main street of the town. Thus, you will feel like you have returned back in time, which will make you fall in love easily with this little city.  

There is a lake behind the village from where you can see the real local lifestyle; such as, fishing.  It is also recommended to take a walk and breathe in the fresh air.

If we talk about indigo fabric, we cannot deny that Sakon Nakhon is well-known for its ready-to-wear clothing business. There are a lot of business owners and persons with excellent skills in designing and tailoring. As such, Sakon Nakhon has managed to integrate the values from the new and old cultures.

It is highly recommended to visit the community knowledge centre at the Kram Sakon Shop. Even those who are not familiar with indigo will fall in love with this tranquil building full of history about indigo. It is not only a shop to browse and buy indigo items, but it is also a knowledge centre to learn in depth information about indigo. What differentiates Kram Sakon from other indigo shops is how the brand gives importance to educating people in both the cultural and scientific aspects of indigo dyeing.

If you are a natural indigo fabric lover, you must visit Kram Sakon. The work there is well organised though the art and skills. There are gurus that will answer questions about indigo-dyed fabric. Kram Sakon only uses natural colour to dye fabric, which is rare and difficult to make, but the result is very unique and beautiful. There are many prints and patterns and all of them have their own characteristics and chic style.

The highlight of our visit is the ability to make your own D.I.Y. indigo-dyed fabric. The easiest way to feel like a local while you are traveling is to learn and do like the locals. You will gain more information while doing the artwork, and you will be proud of yourself for making a unique design. No need to worry if you do not know how to dye fabric, as there are staff present to teach and help you step by step until your workpiece is done.

If Sakon Nakhon is on your bucket list for a local experience in Thailand make sure you visit those recommended places. You will be proud of yourself not only for the material things you gain while visiting, but by learning and understanding things that you have never experienced before.

“ Lady Backpacker ”

“ Lady Backpacker ”