The sights and sounds of Maha Sawat Canal

Nakhon Pathom

2017-05-16 14:31:26

The Maha Sawat Canal is a canal that starts from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom (province), which stretches for 28 kilometers. Nowadays, this canal is still a popular transit route for villagers and is also a famous tourist attraction in itself. Take a leisurely boat ride and be immersed in the local lifestyle of Klong Maha Sawat villagers and their agricultural way of life.

On this day trip, you will enjoy shopping, tasting the local flavors, and learning the local culture. This is done through dynamic attractions including;

  1. Tourist Center (Baan Phu Yai Manoon)
  2. Lotus Farm Tour (Na Bua Lung Jam)
  3. Baan Sala Din Tour (Learning how to rice processing)
  4. Learning how to make Gac Fruit Juice
  5. Tour Orchard  (Baan Paa Jaew)
  6. Tour Orchid garden

The price for these 5 destinations is 100 Baht per Person (not including boat and gate charge)

When we have arrive at Wat Suwannaram, the first thing that Thai people usually do is pay respect to Luang Por Suwanno, a Buddhist monk.  Luang Por Suwanno is a former abbot of Wat Suwannaram in Nakhon Pathom province. Most villagers in Salaya and Phutthamonthon highly respect Luang Por Suwanno, as his distinctive peace of mind reverberates with the local Buddhist.

Point 1) Tourist Center (Baan Phu Yai Manoon)

First, before starting this trip, we will taste the iconic Tom Yum noodle soup. Afterwards, we will receive the warm hospital of Phu Yai Manoon, who is our guide for this Agro-Tourism trip, at the tourist center.

After tasting the amazing Tom Yum soup, we continue the trip by boat so we can engage in local Thai canal life. The local guide who is also a villager, will provide us with detailed information regarding local life and of course, entertainment. (The charter boat can accommodate 6 persons. The fare is 350 Baht per person)

Point 2) Lotus Farm Tour (Na Bua Lung Jam)

As we continue our journey, we will arrive at “Na Bua” or lotus farm. Na Bua is a section of Maha Sawat Canal which is full of both budding and blooming lotus. Many villagers will gather them to sell or to use to pay respect to Buddha. This is inherit Maha Sawat Canal culture.

The lotus farm, Na Bua, is open to both Thai & foreign visitors who want to experience this side of Agro-Tourism. You’re guaranteed to feel refreshed being immersed among the beautiful scenery. You are also welcome to pick the lotus blooms for yourself as a souvenir to take home with you.

Point 3) Ban Sala Din Tour (Learning how to rice processing)

            As we move forward, we arrive at Baan Sala Din (Mahasawat Farmers Housewife Group). There is a rice exhibition and demonstration on how to process rice. We will learn the traditional way to make rice crackers, which is not only delicious but famous throughout Thailand.

Here, visitors will enjoy a DIY program. You can make the rice cracker by yourself, eat it, or take it home. Villagers will also teach you how to produce salted eggs and many other delicious snacks such as, rice cracker, salted egg, and how to process fresh fruits which is used to consume by the villagers or sold at the market.

Point 4) Learning how to make Gac Fruit Juice

Someone said that “Time of learning come together with travelling”

At Ban Gac Fruit Juice, we will know about gac fruit, many products from gac fruit and their properties which we may never know before.

The Gac fruit processing can be various done like gac fruit juice, gac soap, gac shampoo and amazingly noodle sauce (Yen Ta Four) which be tasty and full-flavoured for the noodle. This special menu have available on Saturday & Sunday only. If you would like to know how its taste is, please come here and try it by yourself.

Point 5) Tour Orchard  (Ban Paa Jaew)

The slogan for Nakhon Pathom province is “Sweet Pomelo”. A visit to  “Paa Jaew" orchard will explain why Nakhon Patohm’s slogan is “Sweet Pomelo”.

We are greeted by locals once we arrive at Paa Jaew orchard. They will have had prepared for us many local fruits which is gathered from their own orchards. The fruits are very delicious, fresh, and grown locally.

            There will be the opportunity to order the famous dishes such as, “Kha Moo Soo Mai Toy” -“Sai Bua Pla Tu -“Tom Moo Hong” - “Nam Prik Pla Tu” and “Kang Kua Pak Boong”. Famous among local and tourist alike.

After enjoying refreshments and sampling fresh fruits, we will engage in a local tradition of “Riding E-Taen farm tractor”. You will be amused and excited with the orchard tour by E-Taen. The charge for this activity is 100 Baht. You are guaranteed to be amused and charmed.

Point 6) Tour Orchid garden

At this point in your experience we will listen to an explanation about orchid planting. Here we will discover numerous species of orchids. Iconic to this region and Thailand. The sprawling garden and various colorful orchids will make it appear as if you are standing among a dreamy vibrant atmosphere. This is a great location to take pictures or selfies. At the orchid garden and you can also pluck the blooming orchids and take it home.


            For this one day, Agro-Tourism trip, you can go with a small group friends or we are able to accommodate larger groups. We suggest booking in advance if you would like to come with a group of 10 individuals or more.  This gives the host an opportunity to prepare the logistics, activities, and alert the facilities so they are adequately prepared to receive their guest.


After the boat trip, before come back to Bangkok, we will have a opportunity to rest at “Jardin De Chaisri”.

Jardin De Chaisri is a unique cafe decorated in a Thai house fusion style which is surrounded by greenery. The many trees, floral and fauna that cover this cafe, of cool and pleasant atmosphere so you can relax after a long day out on the Maha Sawat Canal. This is another great area to take picture and selfies.


The impressive view here, various foods, bakery, and beverages are incredible delicious and is a must try for all visitors. Our excursion will leave you with comprehensive knowledge of the sights and sounds of local life in Maha Sawat Canal.





How to go to Klong Maha Sawat community


-  By private car, drive on Boromrajajonnani Road to Phuttamonthon intersection, then turn right to Salaya road. Through Mahidol university until end-point and turn left about 5 km.  Then notice the right side, there is giudepost for Wat Suwannaram. Across railway and turn right then go into the temple, you can park in there.

- By train (Free for Thai citizen) from Thonburi station, Bangkok to Wat Suwannaram. It will take the time about 35 minutes.

- By Bus, Take the bus NO. 515 from Victory monument – Salaya,  get off at Salaya hospital intersection and then take the motorcycle taxi to Wat Suwannaram.



For more information and reserve the package tour, please contact :

Klong Maha Sawat  Agro-Tourism / Tourist service center

  • Phu Yai Manoon Narasodsai Tel: 081-495-9091
  • Khun Jongdee Setaumnuay Tel: 089-057-1432
  • Khun Urai Sawatdaeng Tel: 085-185-2872

Moo 1 Ban Suwannaram, Salaya district, Amphoe Phuttamonthon, Nakhon Pathom province.


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